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Late post

2012-12-31 19:20:57 by Music-story

Only posted another song cause someone asked.
I'm busy so I cannot review as much anymore.
Have fun making music.

Bye for now

Account closed

2010-08-27 19:45:49 by Music-story

I have been busy with other things and music is not something I enjoy as much anymore. For that reason I don't make anymore music and won't be on newgrounds anymore. Enjoy making music while it last guys.


School begins

2009-09-02 01:12:16 by Music-story


I won't be posting music for a very long time. It's that time again where I try to learn more about my music program so 2010 songs sound better than 2009. I will still review your songs. Working on a few new projects and I'll post them on NG hopefully within a few months at the earliest. If you wanted to know, I use logic pro 8 to make my music. (not logic pro 9 yet)

Bye for now

Last update for a while:

I won't be putting any songs up for a very long time. It can even be as late as september-october possibly. I'm going to make a group of songs and post them rapidly when I'm done them all. Also gives me time to ensure I'm satisfied with what is produced. I also got a friend (she) to help me out in singing. Maybe a vocal track or two in the future? Again, I'm willing to review songs as long as you ask. Have fun making music.

Bye for now