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School begins

2009-09-02 01:12:16 by Music-story


I won't be posting music for a very long time. It's that time again where I try to learn more about my music program so 2010 songs sound better than 2009. I will still review your songs. Working on a few new projects and I'll post them on NG hopefully within a few months at the earliest. If you wanted to know, I use logic pro 8 to make my music. (not logic pro 9 yet)

Bye for now

Last update for a while:

I won't be putting any songs up for a very long time. It can even be as late as september-october possibly. I'm going to make a group of songs and post them rapidly when I'm done them all. Also gives me time to ensure I'm satisfied with what is produced. I also got a friend (she) to help me out in singing. Maybe a vocal track or two in the future? Again, I'm willing to review songs as long as you ask. Have fun making music.

Bye for now


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2009-09-21 03:21:56

Best of all to you too.

Music-story responds:

Hey, thanks.


2009-12-02 06:05:30

Hey. Maybe you can better "adult" yourself by not zeroing shit!

(Updated ) Music-story responds:

Okay, rawr, I dare you to ask tom fulp or any administrator on this site to take a history file of all the songs I have zeroed. I have only zeroed I think two songs out of maybe 2000 votes. One was for the prank call audio and second was for a racist audio. I dare you to ask tom fulp for my voting background. I guarantee you won't find many songs without a vote of 5/5 given by me. Come on, do it I dare you. If you don't bother asking Tom than that means you just proven yourself wrong.

Jokers, always funny to hear time to time. I bet you zero vote my songs because you think I zero other people's songs.

Bye for now


2009-12-03 18:16:54

No thanks. I'm not going to bother going on a crusade to prove if you really zeroed one of my songs or not. Notice how I only wrote one line of text? That's because I was pissed at 6 am in the morning and about 30 minutes later I forgot about it. 6 am in the morning. That's 20 minutes after I get up usually. People aren't the most cognitive and aware 20 minutes after they wake up.

"I bet you zero vote my songs."

Yes, nice postulation there bro. But seriously, no. Has any of your scores even changed since I wrote that comment? There you go. If they have, then oh well. Notice I have been submitting since 2005? Did you see that? Over time you gradually care less and less about how shitty most of the audio portal is, and you submit things here because it's been a repository of your work since whenever you started producing music. It's a ritual; you disregard everything else aside from the friends and relationships you've established and the occasional gem you stumble upon. It's just that the only time I would even consider zeroing something is if it is truly shit and they don't deserve the score they have at all. I don't mean to sound arrogant, I'm not the best producer on this site.. there are many that are more talented. Everyone has potential here, even the kids that manage to score top 5 regularly with their recycled basshunter-clone garbage and mediocre 30-minute FL Studio out-of-the-box sample mashups.

Bye for now

(Updated ) Music-story responds:

Hey buddy, just because you wake up earlier than usual that doesn't mean you can just say what you want. Okay, you admitted to making a statement that you probably didn't mean. Apology accepted. My turn...I'm sorry for making that outcall about you voting my songs zero. However, none of this would have happened if you just didn't say stuff like that to me in the first place. You seem like a humble guy in your 2nd comment to me. I took a listen to some of your songs and they are much better than a lot of the top 5 songs okay. Don't kid yourself buddy. You and I know that a lot of the top 5 (not all) but most of them are pretty bad. Top 5 is simply luck and waiting for the perfect time to ask your buddies to 5 your song just before 12:00am on wednesday. I've been on NG for quite some time too. I know the gimmicks of NG too. As for my voting and review scheme (and I hope you trust me on this one because it is the truth...not much else I can convince you) I never vote a song 0 even if it is bad. Only if it is racist or childish pranks. Pranks are never a cool thing to do. I'll post this exact message to your comment post page. Good luck with your future music stuff and if you ever want a review from me just pm me.

Bye for now


2009-12-03 19:44:10

Listen man, you made yourself sound charming in that response and now I feel like an asshole because you said you'd post that on my comment page but I banned you from my comment page :|

Music-story responds:

Hahah, Rawr buddy...don't worry about it seriously. LOL Okay, we are on good terms now I suppose? We friends...this is hilarious. Okay, the ordeal is done. Bye for now


2009-12-08 18:18:29

Hey, I love your work, and I would appreciate some constructive criticism, after all, I'm still a beginner (I know you don't consider yourself professional, but I DO look up to being as good as you), so the help would greatly be appreciated. I'll share my opinions of your songs too if you want.

(Updated ) Music-story responds:

The best motto is to be the best you can be. You will get better and with lots of commitment be way better than me in the future. I don't have commitment to music anymore. School is my commitment. Downhill I go.


2009-12-16 08:08:33

Dude, helpful, helpful, helpful, helpful, helpful, helpful, helpful, helpful... Those are your reviews.

Music-story responds:

Are you the one who is making all my responses helpful? I never touch the helpful/useless feature. Anyway, thanks I guess. Its better coming from the receiver though.

Bye for now


2010-02-21 04:58:46

Your reviews helped me keep going on and making more stuff :)


2010-06-03 08:40:27

Hey man, remember me?
Possibly not, just wanted to stop by and tell you I appreciate all the helpful reviews you have given me.
Also, I'm looking forward to hear more great stuff from you.
Good luck with your future projects.