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Yes another korean.

Been waiting for another korean to enter newgrounds. Since "there she is" flash I have not seen another korean make a flash nor music. Well I'm korean and fortunately I can speak english better than you, but I am terrible at speaking korean. I got a little confused with the story. Hope you found yourself a girlfriend or wife since your over 30. Bye for now.

Seriously amazing

Your flash should be on top with the brackenwood series. The only explanation I can see why your stuff is not is because people like violence. You and this other flash author (who made that "shiny" flash with the squirrel taking the key from the pirate) are the 2 best animators on this site along with the brakenwood series. (I think I'm spelling brakenwood wrong...oh well) I love your no violence themes. I don't want moar violence. That girl is so cute. Just don't be making flash with older girls who look cute or else you would be making anime then. :) I can see this on a actual cartoon network. All you need is a 22 minute episode and we got ourselves a cartoon show. Maybe you will eventually be as good as the people from pixar studios. I love their short films especially the birds on the power line. Anyway your really good at flash and I wish you luck in your career since you said you graduated from something. Bye for now.

Flash rev.

Wow! So many madness flashes on NG for madness day. I've sampled a few of the other madness flashes and yours fits somewhere in the top 30%. I like how you decided to use Jamaica as your location. Here is my summary:

-characters and themes are very madness like (I don't remember a doctor in the madness series so that is new for me)
-mercy (some of the guys got a beating by fists, but never the gun shot to the body or head...a rare mercy scene)
-somewhat of a comedy factor when the doctor decides what button to press (I would have chosen the pizza :) )

Some more work:
-lack of realism (What I mean is when a guy is getting shot his body remains motionless and a red blood dot appears on him)
-to be continued! ( well I would have liked a conclusion...the next one better be awesome...doctor vs main character)
-lack of weapons used (the main character just likes weak weapons and the odd sword? I wanted him to pick up the shot gun when he killed that zombie)
-lastly maybe it is just my computer, but the frames skip (eg sword battle where main character runs out of bullets. The sword guy instantly appears next to him)

Overall a nice flash. Better than me...I can't even make flash. Good luck with your sequel. I'll vote 5 and a 8 review.

PlatinumX9 responds:

Thanks for the review. I like it when people put real effort into good reviews. As far as the lack of realism, thats just the madness style. my style might be a bit more drastic. sorry it was so short, the second one will be much longer. and when the jump when he runs out of bullets, i don't know whats up with that, it wasn't like that when i made it.



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I'm terrible at reviews for flash, but here goes

So when I first started playing this game, I'm like this is almost the exact same thing as sinjid. Just different weapons, environments, and characters. I'm thinking did this guy copy the idea from the author who made Sinjid. Later I found out that you were the one who made the Sinjid series. :) One thing I do like about this is that it is a complete game (or I think it is...I have not finished the entire game yet). Sinjid was like a demo or something. It's good that you have a training area though it does make the game much easier. I heard on one of the reviews about one of the enemies that takes forever to beat. Well I understand what he was talking about. That elvis zombie guy keeps on healing himself while I do the same so no one ends up losing. I just quit after 30 minutes of pointless back and forth hitting and healing. The ability to reset all your abilities and attributes is quite a nice tool to have, but again makes the game easier.

I'm surprised how well this game runs on my old windows. Only a few choppy spots but I blame that on my poor old computer. I need to get a new computer quickly. What I was hoping for was a parry or just defend system similar to paper mario 64. Eg. push a button just before you attack to get a more powerful hit or push a button just before being hit to minimize damage taken. Those little tweaks make the game more interactive rather than a click and hope you hit the guy with the rare power hit.

Besides that, this is a good game to play if you have a lot of patience. You got me playing this game for more than 4 hours which is more than most games on NG. Because of that I'll give you a 5/5 vote and 10/10 review. Hopefully your next game will be more complex and interactive. Keep up the good work. Bye for now

Good fun

The music is nice. Most of the mouse types would be annoying to have. Alot of them would cover the entire desktop. I like the one with all the stars flying everywhere. Bye for now

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Dark techno is your favourite genre? Even though I don't listen to much electronic music compared to before, I have a heart for those high reverb/echoes and deep bass sounds heard in deep trance/house or minimal techno. Instruments sound clear and the crisp percussion on top is what you would hear in well made songs. Voice adds to the creepiness. This one may be too dark for me, but still enjoyed it. Glad your experimenting with music. Have fun

Bye for now

Hi Khrossfire,

Didn't know you live in fremont CA. I'm actually studying in Hayward CA. I'm a international student though. Anyway, here are my thoughts about your song.

67 channels used. Sounds about what diverse and complex music should have. I'm not going to comment much on the content variation, but I am a bit surprised that the song is not as diverse as I thought it would be.

0:00-0:45 I like the saw like bass and the background harmonies. I think it would have been better to use that lead instrument building up to something rather than use the same pattern. You did well using the fx as a buildup. Good choice with the percussion. I see that you did that instant drop of the percussion at 0:44. You heard me. However, what could exaggerate this quick drop is to have the snare have more reverb in the snare roll and then do the cut.

0:45 - 1:29
Its been a while since I heard the demo so not exactly sure what differences you made. I can say that with the amount of instruments going on, you mixed well. Just those little details like certain instruments panned shows lots of thought was put in here. 1:14 transition flowed well. Same with 1:29 into the piano section. The only concern I have here is that maybe you could have used a different drum pattern. For a climax to use the same drum pattern kinda takes away the energy. Perhaps using hi hats accompanying the cymbal clashes may have brought the energy one more level up.

1:29 - 2:28
Piano is my favorite instrument so this looks promising. For some reason, I feel like this part is lounge like music. Gentle phasing fx and drums give a slightly dreamy feel. I have no concerns with the piano chords, but the melody with the R hand didn't do it for me particular at 1:44 when the bass is stripped. During this quiet moment of the song, I think more reverb on the piano would have helped maintain that dreamy/chill feel. Fortunately it didn't take that long (1:59) to get right back into the chilled feeling.

2:28 transition could have been better. I notice some variation to the chorus so big kudos for that. Wait....this is actually like a bridge. That caught me by surprise. Smart move.

The rest of the song is similar as prior sections so extrapolate my earlier comments to these latter portions of the song. 3:44 to the end felt somewhat redundant. I know you wanted to end in a relaxed way. A good idea, but change up the melodies. Nice finish with the percussion.

Overall, your definitely getting more technical. It looks like people are noticing it from your previous reviewers so your on the right track. Good songs typically take time to make and you proved hard work pays off. The good thing (or you may see it as bad) is that the work only gets harder from here. There were concerns I brought up, but remember these are only a opinion. Do what you feel is best. Something tells me you don't like to be content with something always striving to become better. With that said, I am confident your going to be producing even high quality projects in the future. Good luck and have fun making music.

5/5 vote and review

Lockyn responds:

Hey Music-story!

I'd just like you to know that I truly appreciate your reviews. Definitely gives me some insight on problems I have with producing, and I respect your opinion greatly! So thank you very much, good sir. :) And that's cool, interesting that you are an international student - I hope you are enjoying this area, despite the studying.

I'll admit that I got sick of listening to this track over and over again - might have contributed to me releasing this a bit early. There was still work I could have done to improve it as always - I hit my limit on this one though. Hope the lack of diversity didn't detract from your listening though.

0:00-0:45 I didn't think about using reverb that way... now that you mentioned it, it sounds like a great idea. The lead instrument you're talking about was actually the clean happy synth you mentioned in your last review - I agree I should have maybe varied the melody a bit, but it didn't occur to me when I constructed the build up.

0:45-1:29 The biggest difference between the demo and this piece in this section was the kick and the mixing of the synths. I changed bass sidechaining to bass volume ducking so it would come out along with the saw. Also, doubled the length of the chorus. The last change was the kick - has more presence now, and also removed the annoying subbass tail that the kick sample had, it was only audible with headphones, but it improved bass clarity a lot. The drum patterns were something I didn't work on too much, which showed huh. Probably should have spent more time on that. Did think about hi hats, but didn't feel right, or at least not the way I used the hats.

1:29-2:28 Piano is my favorite as well! Lounge music sounds accurate... I'll admit (again) that I skimped on that melody, but with the intent of keeping it a simple and gentle ambient section. Definitely should have increased reverb here. 1:59 was actually the part I was most satisfied with... dunno, but it clicked with me more than any other part of the track.

2:28 was honestly (I'm telling you everything here LOL) an almost copy paste of the first build up, minus one or two synths/fx. So... definitely I should have worked on this part more. And yes, I had hoped to surprise one or two people with that little bonus section! Thanks :)

3:44 I understand what you're saying - I'm not satisfied with the ending either... but ending on a similar theme as the chilled section earlier worked better than other countless arrangements I made. And yes, should have changed up the melodies... you're just calling all my laziness out now, aren't you!? xD

I thank you for the compliments, and I'm looking forward to putting out higher quality projects if I can! You can always count on my having fun making music, and I hope you will continue to make music as well - I enjoy listening to your tracks a lot! Good luck in your studies, and take care!

Hi Pillow,

I'm a fan of the whole spacy like music. I know this is a work in progress so somethings I'm about to say are probably obvious to you.

Mastering issue...no surprise. The kicks have some clipping going on.

I feel like you should make the pad/choir have more presence. This doesn't mean louder, but maybe have less reverb particularly on the lower frequencies of that instrument.

You may want to add in more fx in the first theme before 0:45 just to make it more interesting. The lead instrument should be more powerful. Emphasize those high frequencies and perhaps slight delay to it.

0:45 I like the chordal bass. Perhaps sidechaining could help. If you do have sidechaining already, put some more.

1:15 the song kinda takes a turn down. It doesn't feel catchy and there really isn't much new melodies going on. 1:30 you can't have your lead playing the same 16th notes as the bass. It doesn't feel like your building up to anything if you do that.

Change up the drums a bit. Just a kick and clap is somewhat generic especially for the climax of your demo. Hi hats perhaps add?

You need more fx like that sound at 1:26 (guitarish fade out sound)

Overall, the song needs more melodies and harmonies. By that I also mean a different set of melodies and harmonies...not layering. I'm sure you will fix up the mastering concerns but I'm more concerned about the mixing All your instruments can't have high cuts to them....or at least it sounds like all your instruments are subby except that new instrument at 1:30. Good luck on the finishing product.
5/5 review and vote

bye for now

pillow responds:

Oh my. I love reviews like this. Constructive criticism helps so much. I will work on....basically all of this haha. Thanks for the help!

PS: I know this is a STUPID question....but how can I remove clipping from the kicks.

Jermosseu @Music-story



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